24 October, 2007

Painball Part 2

It's been few day after playing paintball, but i'm still very exited about it!!Wohoo... haha, and some is still rubing off the 'lebam'(souvenir from the game :P). Going to play again in next few weeks(hope so, coz of the $$). For those that is interested to try this game, here is the info of paintball field that is in butterworth

BT Paintball field
Jason - 012-4759922
Location : Taman Sukun
RM350/2000pallets (1 box)
RM2/ army shirt

The boss is a very nice guy :)(remember give me discount yea). This is where i play on the last post. Still on the process of improving the game by adding some new stuff eg. tower.

You can share among few ppl for a box of pallets and devided accordingly, for my example RM350 / 10ppl, RM35 each, with the army shirt RM2. Makes it RM37 a ppl. The mask is included but army shirt is optional. Ops! Before i forget, he said that students(after F6 tak da) got discount somemore, terms and conditions apply. Make a call to arrange with the boss on the time and price. Remember to tell him, that you know there from me - Cheah Digeng!!:P

If you dono the place, Taman Sukun is after Bkt Minyak when you are on the way to permatang tinggi,tambun using the old road(not high way). There is a sign board showing Taman Sukun on your left hand side, and you'll see the paintball field there.

Permatang Tinggi Paintball Field
Jason Ooi - 017-409 0007
1736, Kampong Tongkong, Permatang Tinggi,
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
RM350/2000pallets (1 box)
RM2/ army shirt

Never went there before, so no comments but got some photos, taken by some other ppl in cari forum. Basicly the diffrence is only the field, more jungle 'Feel'. And They have 2 fields can choose. But, heard that the mask a bit old. Anyway boss is also very kind, this is the most important part.


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