22 October, 2007

Paintball @.k.@ 'Pain'ball for some one :P

Finally after the long wait of two years, we finally manage to play paintball. Reason for waiting and nvr played - expensive lar, takut kena chop lar, no time lar, lazy lar, penang island very far la.. blaa blaa blaaa.. At last, a new paintball place in the mainland + very cheap.

3 hour's more and I'll be shooting people legally!! wohoo!!! Just as I started to imagine how the game is going to be, I was outside on the road, and i dont feel hot or shinny!!! OMG!! Drops of water hit me on my face!!!! Nooooo!! this is not happenning!! I called the boss, 'Hello,(with sha sha sha background sound)' Die ..it's worse there. Nasib baik, GOD is so nice to us that HE stop the rain around 4p.m. I LOVE U GOD :)

There is a group of ppl playing when we arrived, it gave us a brief idea of how to play the game.

Chiong ah!!!!!! In C.S we say Go! Go! Go

Nice pose?? actually standing like that will really strain your legs!!

Come out and u'll Eat Paint!!! or Pain :P

We devided ourselves into 2 teams by using the old style 'zui lo zui peng peng'
Team 'Chat' (cs term = terrorist)

Team 'Peng' (cs term = Counter Terrorist)

Strats planning Bfore the Game starts

Game Ended up with 'Peng' 3 VS 'chat' 0. Wondering Why?? Like what Jacky Chan's movies teach us "The Good side will always win". They claim that they loose coz they have 2 girls in the team...... but to be honest, one of the most painfull shots is fired by one of the girls in the begining of the 3rd match!!! that poor guy nvr fired a shot and got hit and 'die' going out with a 'lebam' on the shoulder. Girl Power!!

Look at his poor face... 'dai sei'!!!! :P

200++ bullets left and we kept it for next time use. The boss let us put up the gear again and took a group photo. And nobody told me that my mask straps is on my forhead!!!!! @#$%^#@ grr. looks so ugly and weird. :( more photo's here



Xin Ying said...

pain ball for me!!

haha,hey add my blogspot link into ur friends list la.so that next time u can drop by to view my blog n post comments as well.

and thanks for inviting me to SHOOT people (but end up i kena shoot nia) hahaha.. CHEERS TO zui lo zui peng peng!!

KOKahKOK said...

wau got u from kennysia's comment. so paint ball = pain ball? i never try yet ...haha how nice bo?

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