09 November, 2007

New Look

It's been a while, my lazy genes is coming out again. Got lots of things that i wanna blog out ... but , you know lar .. lazy hahahah.....

Finally, i am in the 4 eye family list. Reason behind ?? I got a new friend and been very close with my best friend these few years. Everyday we spend hours and hours together. we enjoy watching each other. Eventually, my eyes got sick...... all the time i just ignore the thing coz it doesn't really affect my daily life until one morning.......

I was looking at the projector , searching songs for sunday school. Gosh, I can't read any of the files title!!! Rub my eyes, and try again !!! still same!! I've to agak agak my way choosing the songs I want that day:( After worship, I went to get myself a spec right away.......

I got the specs within 2 days, and i was thinking. New specs so 'yeng' but my hair like birdnest.. So i went to have a hair cut :) Yea totaly new me!!!!!

New look comes with a price. For instant, I have to spend more than 10 minutes to 'comb' my hair. Last time I just simply gel up, now i have to use hair dryer + wax + spray and lots of hand job, tarik sini tarik sana. Oh well... 'ai sui' is like that one :P



Ken‘s 小维 said...

accidently come in there to 8 gua a bit.

anyway, u get slim jor... haha
new look look great.

take care brother.

Anonymous said...

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