13 November, 2007

For my own good.

It's been sometimes now since i wear specs.But I can't get used to it yet. I find myself very tiring everytime after concentrating on the computer.. energy is draining away from me very fast. and it's no fun having something hanging on ur face..... conclution --- i don't like it. :(

What to do? I must continue doing this until I'm used to it. Eyes ler!! eyes rosak liao canot see.. I cant imagine what would happen to me if i can't see again.. It's Horrible just thinking of it :( .

It's like our Christian life. Lot's of time we are doing lots of things for GOD. Sometime we get tired, sometimes we get bored, sometimes you just dont feel like doing it. But we still have to serve coz we know whats waiting us on the future.

Although it's tiring, I still have to wear my specs
Although it's annoying , I still have to wear my specs
because I know if I dont start protecting my eyes now, it'll become worst later.

Although it's tiring, I will continue serving the Lord
Although it's challenging, I will continue serving the Lord
And there are lots and lots more reason stoping us to serve GOD.
I'm doing this because I hope that one day when I meet God, He'll say this to me:

Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord

09 November, 2007

New Look

It's been a while, my lazy genes is coming out again. Got lots of things that i wanna blog out ... but , you know lar .. lazy hahahah.....

Finally, i am in the 4 eye family list. Reason behind ?? I got a new friend and been very close with my best friend these few years. Everyday we spend hours and hours together. we enjoy watching each other. Eventually, my eyes got sick...... all the time i just ignore the thing coz it doesn't really affect my daily life until one morning.......

I was looking at the projector , searching songs for sunday school. Gosh, I can't read any of the files title!!! Rub my eyes, and try again !!! still same!! I've to agak agak my way choosing the songs I want that day:( After worship, I went to get myself a spec right away.......

I got the specs within 2 days, and i was thinking. New specs so 'yeng' but my hair like birdnest.. So i went to have a hair cut :) Yea totaly new me!!!!!

New look comes with a price. For instant, I have to spend more than 10 minutes to 'comb' my hair. Last time I just simply gel up, now i have to use hair dryer + wax + spray and lots of hand job, tarik sini tarik sana. Oh well... 'ai sui' is like that one :P


24 October, 2007

Painball Part 2

It's been few day after playing paintball, but i'm still very exited about it!!Wohoo... haha, and some is still rubing off the 'lebam'(souvenir from the game :P). Going to play again in next few weeks(hope so, coz of the $$). For those that is interested to try this game, here is the info of paintball field that is in butterworth

BT Paintball field
Jason - 012-4759922
Location : Taman Sukun
RM350/2000pallets (1 box)
RM2/ army shirt

The boss is a very nice guy :)(remember give me discount yea). This is where i play on the last post. Still on the process of improving the game by adding some new stuff eg. tower.

You can share among few ppl for a box of pallets and devided accordingly, for my example RM350 / 10ppl, RM35 each, with the army shirt RM2. Makes it RM37 a ppl. The mask is included but army shirt is optional. Ops! Before i forget, he said that students(after F6 tak da) got discount somemore, terms and conditions apply. Make a call to arrange with the boss on the time and price. Remember to tell him, that you know there from me - Cheah Digeng!!:P

If you dono the place, Taman Sukun is after Bkt Minyak when you are on the way to permatang tinggi,tambun using the old road(not high way). There is a sign board showing Taman Sukun on your left hand side, and you'll see the paintball field there.

Permatang Tinggi Paintball Field
Jason Ooi - 017-409 0007
1736, Kampong Tongkong, Permatang Tinggi,
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
RM350/2000pallets (1 box)
RM2/ army shirt

Never went there before, so no comments but got some photos, taken by some other ppl in cari forum. Basicly the diffrence is only the field, more jungle 'Feel'. And They have 2 fields can choose. But, heard that the mask a bit old. Anyway boss is also very kind, this is the most important part.


22 October, 2007

Paintball @.k.@ 'Pain'ball for some one :P

Finally after the long wait of two years, we finally manage to play paintball. Reason for waiting and nvr played - expensive lar, takut kena chop lar, no time lar, lazy lar, penang island very far la.. blaa blaa blaaa.. At last, a new paintball place in the mainland + very cheap.

3 hour's more and I'll be shooting people legally!! wohoo!!! Just as I started to imagine how the game is going to be, I was outside on the road, and i dont feel hot or shinny!!! OMG!! Drops of water hit me on my face!!!! Nooooo!! this is not happenning!! I called the boss, 'Hello,(with sha sha sha background sound)' Die ..it's worse there. Nasib baik, GOD is so nice to us that HE stop the rain around 4p.m. I LOVE U GOD :)

There is a group of ppl playing when we arrived, it gave us a brief idea of how to play the game.

Chiong ah!!!!!! In C.S we say Go! Go! Go

Nice pose?? actually standing like that will really strain your legs!!

Come out and u'll Eat Paint!!! or Pain :P

We devided ourselves into 2 teams by using the old style 'zui lo zui peng peng'
Team 'Chat' (cs term = terrorist)

Team 'Peng' (cs term = Counter Terrorist)

Strats planning Bfore the Game starts

Game Ended up with 'Peng' 3 VS 'chat' 0. Wondering Why?? Like what Jacky Chan's movies teach us "The Good side will always win". They claim that they loose coz they have 2 girls in the team...... but to be honest, one of the most painfull shots is fired by one of the girls in the begining of the 3rd match!!! that poor guy nvr fired a shot and got hit and 'die' going out with a 'lebam' on the shoulder. Girl Power!!

Look at his poor face... 'dai sei'!!!! :P

200++ bullets left and we kept it for next time use. The boss let us put up the gear again and took a group photo. And nobody told me that my mask straps is on my forhead!!!!! @#$%^#@ grr. looks so ugly and weird. :( more photo's here


03 October, 2007

when i'm listening to this song that my friend had sent to me recently. Wow.. very nice and touching song. I really like this song, 'Our God is An Awesome God' keeps running through my mind.... Kept me thinking how wonderfull our GOD is and all those awesome things that HE had done to me. He is just so awesome.

Then she send me this video, tears nearly came out.. but it didn't, couldn't let that happen coz i'm in my office with my collegues. :P Hahahaha

Our GOD is an awesome GOD
He reigns from heaven above
with wisdom, pow'r and love
Our GoD is an awesome GOD

11 June, 2007





天使们大合照!!!! OPSsss 少了3个天使

~aNgMoTan 部落格~